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Dr. C. Jaffe and colleague/co-researcher, J. Mellor, RN, theorize that the closest analogy to the human nervous system is the computer. Like any computer, there is always the potential for viruses, glitches, and breakdown resulting from overuse, under use, abuse, and countless other factors that lead to faulty performance. Like the computer, failing to find a resolve often leads to greater internal problems, where electrical impulses demonstrate chaotic behavior and constant malfunctioning. So it is with the human bio-computer.

The autonomic nervous system contains components of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and governs the overall functioning of the entire (human and animal) body. Jaffe and Mellor have created a proprietary system of health care treatment based upon a method of accessing and evaluating the autonomic nervous system of the patient through a unique method of muscle response testing utilizing verbal and/or non-verbal questions and statements.

Where there are discrepancies/glitches in the performance of the autonomic nervous system, this can be rather easily corrected with a combination of verbal and/or non- verbal corrective commands and statements. This process is further reinforced with acupressure stimulation or percussion of vertebral sectors, and specific breathing patterns.

The JMT™ Technique commonly produces immediate results in virtually all health issues resulting from ANS glitches. The technique successfully addresses all forms of arthritis and chronic, degenerative disorders, fibromyalgia, MS, and other demyelinating diseases, Crohn's, IBS, all types of digestive disorders, candidiasis, all allergies, autoimmune diseases, trauma-induced pain syndromes, acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, emotional, psychological, and sensory/motor neurological disturbances, endocrine problems, digestive disorders, etc.

Patients who have failed to benefit from either conventional or non-conventional therapies, commonly experience profound results and an observable decline in symptoms within a range of three to twenty-four, 15-minute treatments. Of course, like any other modality, there are always a few patients who fail any type of treatments, and this is also true of JMT™; but these failures are uncommon.

JMT™ treatment is safe, gentle, and extremely effective. Each step of the JMT™ technique requires evaluation (using muscle testing and appropriate questions) of the autonomic nervous system for glitches resulting in malfunction, and then removing the glitches by using a correction script. This consistently provokes the ANS to function optimally, initiating the body’s inherent ability to heal. The pattern for these reprogramming scripts is similar, however, the uniqueness of the ANS discrepancies/glitches is exclusive to each patient and can be corrected immediately as each glitch is recognized. Using acupressure or tapping along the paraspinous muscles of the spine while using specific commands and corrective terminology accomplishes this.

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