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Here are some Clinical Case Studies Demonstrating The Effectiveness of the New JMT™ Technique

47 yr. old female nurse (on disability) with complaints of severe, unrelenting pain and inflammation in large weight bearing joints, fingers, wrists, neck, and ankles, further compounded by chronic fatigue, and eczema. The extreme pain diminished by 50% following the first 15 minute tx, and continued to decline to almost nonexistent by the 6th tx. The eczema is almost completely gone and her energy has returned to a place where she now looks forward to resuming nursing.

67 yr. old housewife with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and dependency on prescription drugs experienced immediate relief from pain in hands, hips, and knees within 15 minutes in her first treatment. By the 4th treatment, she was completely pain-free and has chosen not to take any further medications.

39 yr. old fireman with a diagnosis of hemolytic anemia, and a history of throwing clots, and formation of benign tumors (has endured thorocotomy to remove two very large masses) and one large, inoperable mass in right upper lobe of lung. Otherwise asymptomatic, his problem began following a virus 4 yrs ago. He remained dependent upon many prescription drugs prior to using the new JMT technique. Following the 4th JMT treatment, he returned to his hematologist for blood tests that demonstrated a dramatic change in his blood profile and a dramatic reduction in the size of the existent right upper lobe mass that was observed by his respiratory specialist and a surgeon. By his 9th JMT treatment, his blood profile had returned to normal, and the previously existent mass was almost undetectable, as it had reduced so in size.

29 yr. old woman with diagnosis of HPV was treated using the new JMT technique. While there had been no observable lesions on the cervix, several PAPs, colposcopy and a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. She was treated a total of 5 times with the new JMT technique. Follow-up PAP and colposcopy were negative.

52 yr. old woman with complaints of chronic migraine headaches with aura, tinnitus, insomnia, and anxiety was treated with the new JMT technique. During the first 15 minutes of her first treatment, this woman experienced a dramatic decline in migraine pain and immediately reported that she felt relaxed and at peace for the first time in 13 years. She was released after 4 treatments migraine-free, sleeping well, energetic, and relaxed. The ringing in her ears has stopped.

28 yr old female with chronic OCD, panic attacks, insomnia with history of stress-induced asthma responded well after 5 treatments. A total of 8 treatments resolved all symptoms.

7 yr. old girl with severe eczema in elbow creases, behind knees, ears, back of neck demonstrated a dramatic decline in symptoms within 4 treatments.

59 yr. old man who works as a mushroom farmer complained of constant and severe reactions (including sinusitis, migraine, rhinorrhea, visual impairment, impaired cognitive responses) to molds, fungus, trees, weeds, pollens, hay, grains, dust, wheat, sugar, and dairy since childhood. Additional complaints of pain from L2 down to sacrum and radiating down lateral aspects of both legs. All reactions and pain completely resolved in 4 visits.

We have been treating nine patients with neurological demyelinating disorders. Five had a medical diagnosis of MS (which ranged from mild to chronic and disabling), one has Gillain Barret syndrome, one has myasthenia gravis, one has ALS, and another has a mild case of Parkinson's. In every case, each patient has experienced a sense of lightness following JMT treatment, and each continues to demonstrate great improvements in energy, with observable reduction in rigidity, better control, and increased mobility.

54 yr. old factory worker complained of chronic pain in both shoulders and hips, and an upper left arm tendinitis that made it difficult for him to sleep. All pain completely resolved in 2 treatments which is quite common for these kinds of complaints.

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