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For those of you who are still trying to decide whether to attend the new no vials seminar, all I can say is don't hesitate any further!
Carolyn and Judith have outdone themselves with their latest development of this new process. I am sure everyone who left the seminar this past weekend is just dying to get into the office Monday morning to put it to use! Believe me folks, this new procedure goes way beyond anything we have had in out toolkits in the past with JMT. I believe we are all convinced we will be treating patients that we may never have considered having much hope with in the past
and obtaining quicker results with our current patients. So my advice is get yourself into one of the new seminars as quickly as possible. No doubt in my mind, your return on investment will be huge!


I have taken a while to add my accolades to the no-vial technique,
because I needed time to assimilate and use the technique. I am finding the only limits to the new technique are the practitioners ability to ferret out the questions to ask. In my treating and in the treatments I have received, the results have been dependent on asking the right questions and then the changes are astonishing. My recommendation is that you get into one of the no-vial classes. I am sure you will be glad you did.

Jilann Brunett

Thank you for taking the time to respond so quickly and with compassion. Your answers mean more than I can really express. It is also no coincidence that 3 patients in a row today must have read my "questioning energy" fields, and also took the time to thank me and remind me how
dramatically their lives have changed since seeing me (doing JMT). My MS patient was first among them. She "can't find words to tell me how dramatically she has recovered herself and her health, beyond her wildest imagination."

Thanks from the bottom of my socks (as Charlie Brown would say), and from my heart for all of the heart felt sweat and tears both you and Judy have poured into this work. I feel blessed.

Pat  West

I completely agree. I was in the April seminar in Newark and the NEW Vial-free technique is so comprehensive to the understanding of healing that, in my opinion, the applications are limited only by our ability to think of ways to apply it in our practice. Carolyn and Judy have done something amazing, if not brillant.

-Mike Morgan






  Hello all:

I also wanted to express my thanks to Carolyn and Judy for their incredible seminar.

I have done a treatment with a 35 yr. old Metis woman at an Addiction Treatment center who was locked into a memory she had when she was five yrs. old.

In giving her a short treatment, she released old pain associated with that memory in the back of her head, shoulder, and across her back. She had been beaten and her hair pulled as a child.

She didn't tell me when I was treating her, that she carried significant anxiety and heart pain which was then also released during that treatment, She reported feeling lighter and as though a ton had been lifted from her chest and she had a big smile on her face. The other women in the center all noticed a big change and cal hardly wait until I am able to treat them!

I am truly greatful for this miraculous work.

Victoria Lenon


I just wanted to express my thanks to Carolyn and Judy for the most wonderful seminar I have ever attended.

I read the posts from Mike and Denise and concur with both of them. The work is nothing short of brilliant. I watched as audience participants were treated for problems including reflux of 5 yrs duration (gone in 15 mins), 20 years herniated discs and chronic post surgical pain (pain decreased by 50%), 14 years severe and chronic itching (gone), a life time of emotional disorders (resolved), missed heart beats (normalized), etc.

I watched how these treatments made almost miraculous changes in minutes. The muscle testing is so improved and so easy, there is no longer any hard work involved. The class was so comprehensive and so easily laid out, that I believe everybody will be getting spectacular results. I couldn't wait to get to my office on Monday to play with the new JMT. I treated several people with allergies - in ten mins. all were resolved, I treated at least 15 people with musculoskeletal pain over the last few days, and every one experienced resolution.

JMT Advanced is streamlined and exact. I am so grateful. Please do not wait to get trained. This is what we have all been waiting for.


I agree with all the comments about how great this seminar was. I work several days a week at a hospital in the Physical Therapy Dept. On Tues., I treated a woman who had had fibromyalgia for many years. I used the Initial Eval and the Energy Protocol. Today, I asked how she was doing. The pain was gone, instead it felt much more removed, and she had numbness instead. This was a good sign for her. We are both thrilled, and can't wait for the next treatment.

A HUGE thanks to Carolyn & Judy. These seminars have been life-changing for me as well.

Diane Bryson

  I'll piggyback what others have recently said - the new vial-free seminar is top-notch! It is so easy, so comprehensive, so amazing you have to do it.
Get yourself signed up for this life-giving seminar--you owe it to yourself and all your client/patients.

Kudos to Carolyn and Judy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your selfless work and dedication to the healing of humankind.

Love, Jacque

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