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February 6, 2003
From: Debby

   Five years ago at the age of 21, I suffered from horrible neck/back pain, migraines, sinus problems, fatigue and joint and muscle stiffness. I felt like my body was decades older than my actual age. I had difficulty getting up in the morning, walking anywhere and it hurt my jaw to eat and even to talk. I was not nearly as active as I wanted to be. I often had unexpected bouts of depression and anxiety that left as quickly as they came. I believed them to be a result of my mysteriously declining health and my life being so far from where I wanted it to be. I finally decided to see a chiropractor and was shocked when he suggested a milk allergy to be the source of my pain. Despite my skepticism, I cut out all dairy and dairy derivatives for 2 weeks. Much to my surprise, I felt better within a week. Within 2 weeks, I felt great compared to where I had come from, but still not as well as I knew I could be.

   Two years later, I ran across a lab run by a well-known allergist that performed blood tests to detect food sensitivities. I took the test and the results came back showing nearly 30 food sensitivities. Adjusting to life without dairy was relatively easy, but the thought of trying to eliminate just about every common food out there was more than I could fathom. Unfortunately, the allergist and lab offered not much more than a diagnosis.

I did the best that I could with my new dietary restrictions and saw some improvements in my physical, mental and emotional well-being. One day I decided that there HAD to be something out there that could help me. I went to five different general practitioners looking for an answer. I got the same reply every time. I was simply told to avoid the foods in question, there was nothing to be done and that it was quite possible that the allergies were all in my head.

   Food allergies/sensitivities were something that seemed to be overlooked. I was beyond frustrated with ‘modern’ medicine. I knew that what I felt was real, the lab tests were accurate and it was obvious that my body was reacting to these foods for some reason. I began researching and reading about alternative treatments for allergies. I ran across many therapies, nutritional plans and supplements that sounded hopeful, but was still skeptical. I finally found some information about JMT and decided to try it. What did I have to lose? During my first treatment, I had mixed feelings because the treatment seemed so very simple. I had to remind myself that the answer is not always a long, drawn out and complex process.

   As the practitioner started to diagnose and name the items I was allergic to, I became more and more convinced that this was for real. The items were completely in line with what my blood test had shown. I also had many environmental and chemical allergies of which I was previously unaware. I was starting to get excited and rightfully so. During the next few treatments, I saw some wonderful things.

   Within two hours of being cleared of my mercury allergy, my jaw line looked as if I had liposuction. My fillings were obviously causing swelling that I had always seen as simply a pudgy face. After being cleared of allergies to heavy metals, candida, fat-soluble vitamins and various foods the results were fabulous. My joint swelling and pain disappeared, the bunions on my feet went down and were no longer painful ( I was told nothing short of surgery could do this), my emotions were even, I was more positive, the whites of my eyes were clear and bright, my skin had a glow I had never seen before, I felt more flexible, I had an abundance of energy, my jaw loosened and was no longer painful, my hair was thicker, I was rid of my severe water retention, I could breathe more freely, I rarely have headaches of any kind and my memory had improved greatly. All of these improvements have maintained for months and I am positive that they are permanent. I look forward with great anticipation to what I will experience as my last few allergies are eliminated. I love telling people about JMT at any opportunity and how it has restored my peace of mind, improved my way of life and given me the freedom to make it whatever I want.


March 11, 2003
From: Joann

To Dr. Jaffe and Judy Mellor,

   My name is Joann. I am a 66 year old patient of Dr. Nusbaum whose office is in Farmington Hills, Michigan. In the summer of 2001, Dr. Nusbaum did a series of nine JMT treatments on my very painful right knee that even disturbed my sleep at night.

   Today I have no pain in the knee and I am able to walk up and down stairs easily and do my favorite work in the garden. I am now doing some follow up work by taking Yoga and Calanetics classes to
stretch all my muscles.

   I am extremely grateful for Dr. Nusbaum and for the training he received from you folks. I hope many more patients can experience the wonderful relief that JMT offers. Thank you for not onlydeveloping this method but also for being willing to train others in the technique.


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